STRENGTH01Quality Management

We have developed a business specializing in the electronics industry for a long time.Therefore we can ensure high quality through the accumulation of industry-specific know-how and multifaceted analysis.
Our unique activities include daily improvement activities ( daily improvement ) ,an opportunity to learn advanced cases from other departments ( on-site watching ), 5S activities is at all workplaces , driver's meetings , etc.
We are tryng to further improve quality and customer's satisfaction under ISO9001 certification of each departments

On-site watching

We learn advanced cases from other departments and carry out activities 4 times a year with the aim of improving the quality level.

Drivers' meeting

All drivers regulary carry out improvement activities to ensure greater safety.

STRENGTH02Human resource development

We provide intentional, planned and continuous OJT education for getting the knowledge , skills and techniques necessary for work Each employee can understand each role , acquire required knowledge and way of thinking through the various kinds of education program depends on the role of each employee ( new employee training , leader training , manager candidate training , manager training etc ).Finally they practice it in actual operation .
We are focusing on developing human resources that can produce the motivation, ability and independence of employees through the cycle " opprtunities nurture people , people create opportunities " and realize individual growth and organizational growth.

Operations education

We are focusing on training specialists in order to improve service to our customers and further improve efficiency.
For Managers , they require logistics management qualifications and we also provide education and training for leaders and staff for stability of standard work.
In addition, we promote education and the acquisition of various qualifications for employees to improve the skills and operation quality.


We develop and operate our own logistics information system that strongly supports our customers' SCM strategy.
We respond promptly and finely to customer requests through development with extensibility and customization.

OPAS Transport and Delivery System

It is system that has basic function such as TMS( Transportation and delivery Management System ) and unique function such as check of delivery fee and selection of transportation company.
In contributes reduction of the costs in transportation and delivery , because it enables to analyze costs and efficiency of customer's operation through the result of actual operation .

OWVIS warehouse system

IT is system that has basic function of WMS( Warehouse Management System - store-in/out , stock management ) and unique function such as management of serial and lot no. , expiration date etc. It is customizable system which adjust to customer's special requests.

OPTAS Trade Support System

In contributes reduction of workload and improvement of productivity in the export/import process of products and parts through the function of management HS code , FTA , and regulations in each countries etc.