Transport and delivery service
as the specialist in the logistics of electronics industry

We transport and deliver our customer's products safely and securely with an abundance of experience and achievements cultivated in the electronics industry.

TRANSPORT01Delivery service

We can optimize the cost and the lead time by properly selecting and combining our delivery area of our partner.

Folding container delivery

We are able to provide transportation and delivery service by returnable folding container in our transportation network because we can use the truck loaded with only electric products and components.
It is possible to reduce operation workload in Unpacking and repacking , cost and environmental burden because packing materials
( cardboard , cushioning materials , packing tape etc ) at the shipper and processing waste materials at the consignee are not necessary.

Combination delivery

We can reduce delivery costs by combining products and parts shipped from multiple manufacturers and trading companies for each delivery destination and delivering them all at once.
In addition, the recipient can do the receiving work all at once, the work efficiency will be improved.

Delivery agent service

We will deliver the product to the delivery destination on behalf of the customer.
We provide services that go beyond the delivery of goods, such as collection of the statement of delivery, incoming inspections, and arrangement of equipment.

TRANSPORT02Special transportation and installation work

We provide transportation and delivery that includes installation work such as LAN wiring.

Special transportation and installation work

We can do special transportation (such as automatic ticket gates/ticket vending machines) and installation work (such as wiring work /power confirmation) at the same time.We can also handle removal and transportation of industrial waste

TRANSPORT03Main trunk transportation

Main trunk transportation network that supports transportation to each base that makes delivery

Main trunk transportation network

We have a main trunk transportation network and provide efficient, safe and reliable transportation.

TRANSPORT04International transportation

We support not only two-way transportation between domestic and overseas, but also the out to the out transportation

All in one

We provide a one-stop service for local contact, document preparation, transportation status provision, insurance processing, etc.

Lead time

We can provide the fastest lead time , because of the accumulation of industrrial specific knowledge for the products we handle and smooth customs clearance by the understanding of the law, regulation etc in each countries

Cost advantage

We have business transactions with a lot of forwarders, and by proposing the most suitable transportation method/route according to the customer's requirements, we support the reduction of import/export costs.

TRANSPORT05Strategy of import-duty reduction

Using our own developed original system, we realize the import duty exemption by FTA.

Acceleration of import-duty reduction

We realize the import duty exemption by FTA with using our own developed original system and strive to exempt and reduce import duties , which is one of the logistics costs