Warehousing services
as the logistics provider specializing in electronics industry

Our warehouse can proide services not only functions as storage and base of delivery , but also any kinds of services which are required in the electronics industry .

WAREHOUSE01Warehouse for finished products of manufacturer

We can meet the various needs of our customers regarding warehouses that store the finished products of manufacturers.

Processing work

We provide setting work on the behalf of the customer

device initialization, communication test, configuration setting, etc.

product processing, set assembly, re-packaging , labeling , etc.

Management of serial and lot no.

We can manage storage and Warehouse in-out by first-in and first -out of lot no. , serial no. and expiry date etc as well as receiving date

Compliance with the Medical equipment Law

We storage, pack and deliver medical devices smoothly as we have required license of medical devices .

WAREHOUSE02warehouse for trading company

We provide total support for the logistics of trading companies through a variety of services that meet their needs.

Same day shipping on the arrival date

We can dispatch on the arrival date by our own original warehouse management system We can respond quickly to a lot of kinds of requests from trading company .

Handle by specified slip

We do clerical work on the behalf of customer such as making delivery slip by the designation of delivery destination and delivery control etc.

Handle to individual requests by the final consignee

We dispatch with appropriate wrapping and packaging by making use of database of individual requests from each final consignee .

WAREHOUSE03Logistics service in the manufacturing site

We support totally from the arrival of electronics parts to the dispatch of finished product

Inspection work

We inspect "arrival electronics parts " and "shipping goods" on the behalf of the customer.

Incoming inspection of parts : Incoming inspection of parts : Visual inspection , inspect the quality and the shape of parts by measuring equipment.

Inspection of finished product: Appearance inspection and functional inspection We support totally from the arrival of electronics parts to the dispatch of finished product

In factory logistics

We can handle parts distribution and kit distribution according to the customer's production system,

Antistatic measures

Products that require antistatic measures are stored and handled necessary work in antistatic area.

WAREHOUSE04Warehouse management in foreign countries

General warehouse

We provide the same services as in Japan, from normal storage to various distribution processing with precise handling based on know-how specialized in the electronics industry.

Bonded warehouse

We operate and handle the cargo under the control of customs by our bonded warehouse management system.