We develop and sell the most appropriate materials
from the experience specializing in the electronics industry.

We also propose original logistics materials by our experienced team.

SALES01Sales service

We propose various logistics materials which are used at manufacturing site , parts warehouse and products warehouse through the business with many manufacturers

Packaging material

We assort various stock of products such as standard size cardboard boxes ,special boxes, tapes, stretch films, air caps, cushioning films, etc.

Material handling equipment

We also sell material handling equipment such as forklifts,cart , used for transportation, racks and nestainer used for storage,

Original logistics material

We respond to customers' requests for specially designed logistics materials in small lots and short delivery times.

SALES02Rental pallet and foldable container box business

We are running the business of the specified rental goods with respond to customer's requests.

Rental business

We construct the logistics scheme by our rental goods and using our own transportation network and contribute to cost reduction of the customer.

SALES03Purchase materials service/ Product sales service

We can purchase materials and sell product on the behalf of customer's request.

We provide procurement and sales service in not only domestics transaction ,but also transaction of domestics to overseas and overseas to overseas by acquiring several kinds of required license.

Procurement service

we procure materials based on the customer's production plan and inventory information and supply them to customer's factory line with just-in-time depending on the progress of manufacturing.

Sales service

We have sales record of medical device and healthcare products in foreign countries for which a license is required ,not only sales record of general product .

You can count on us for product sales.